Tips on Installing Vinyl Windows

Installing vinyl replacement windows is a good move. The benefits of installing this type of window are quite a lot. Vinyl is not that expensive to install yet it looks good and requires minimal maintenance. But then, there are a few things that you have to remember when installing vinyl windows.  


For starters, it is critical for you to correctly and precisely measure the window opening. These windows are generally custom-built types. If what you ordered does not fit the window opening, then you can’t return it to the manufacturers. Most vinyl windows are produced in increments of a quarter of an inch. You want to get closest to the right size as possible. 

How to Go About Vinyl Window Installation 

When measuring vinyl windows, be sure to raise the sash. Measure the length of the jamb near the top, in the center, and near the edge. Measure the top jamb to the sloping sill past where the inner window stool starts. Don’t suppose that all your windows have similar sizes.  

Draw a crude outline of your house and count all the windows in your home. Be sure to evaluate them individually. First, take out the old sash. Find the two types of removable stops in double-hung windows. All vinyl windows have an inner stop that holds them in place. The lower inner sash and a blind stop separate the sashes. The exterior stop is attached to the sash’s edge and shouldn’t be removed. 

Vinyl Replacement Window Installation   

Carefully remove the inside stops to reuse them. Cut the ties of the sash and take away the lower sash. Pry them out and remove the stop for the blind. Remove the sash from the top. Set in the opening of the vinyl replacement windows. It should snugly fit between the inside stool and the stops on the outside of your old window.  

In case the new window is smaller, a piece of wood may need to be nailed into the jamb to fit the space between the window and the outer stop. There are vinyl replacement windows that have lower stop extrusions matching your old window’s sloped sill. Others are flat. 

Vinyl Window Installation Contractors 

In case the bottom of the window is not sloped, then the front rim of the window can be supported by a doorstop or filler. Center the opening of the window. Use the tools of a carpenter to ensure that the window is flat. Shim the window sides behind the gaps in the window jamb and pre-drilled screws. Screw through the window’s side jambs and the replacement window in the right position. Then replace the inner stop. 

There is a vinyl window installation contractor that can help you with all of these. It is highly recommended that you consult with them if ever you want to install replacement windows of the vinyl type. They’ll also give you other options in case this one is not the best one for your home. Their help is going to be monumental so be sure that you schedule that consultation today.   

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