Splitboard DIY Clinic

Splitboard Clinic, DIY Splitboard, Chair 2, Voile, Banana Split
Splitboard Clinic, DIY Splitboard, Chair 2, Voile
Chair 2, Splitboard Clinic, DIY Splitboard, Cle Elum
DIY Splitboard, Splitboard Clinic, Chair 2, Voile

Splitboard DIY Clinic

Have a craving for untouched pow?  Don't want to spend $800-1,100 on a factory splitboard?  Ready to build a splitboard, but don't have the space or tools to do it on your own?  Bring your board to our clinic and build it with us!  We at Chair 2 have the tools and experience to turn your favorite deck into your favorite split!

In this 2 day clinic, we will walk you through the entire process.  We provide the tools, and knowledge, and you leave here with a splitboard!

You will need to provide the board that you would like turned into your splitboard, and splitboard interface (Voile or Karakorum) unless you purchase it through us, and come prepared for a day of split building! We also recommend bringing things like snacks/food, water, and clothes that are appropriate for the activity (we recommend coveralls, close toed shoes, hair ties for those with long hair, and warm clothing for down time such as beanies, coats and gloves for those chilly days). This is a full day activity so you should prepare for spending the whole day in the shop working. We will break for lunch around noon, and there is food close to the workshop.

Splitboard Curriculum: (Can be done in one day if private lesson)
Day 1: 
Split the snowboard- We will setup your board for the jig and cut it right down the middle.
             Set the tip clips and hooks.
             Seal the inner edge.

Day 2:  Setup stance and climbing bar positions
              Drill wholes, mount T-nuts
              Learn how to properly set epoxy.  (Optional, if you would prefer to set the epoxy with us, we would be happy to do so, but the board will have to sit over night, and you can pick it up at a later date)



2013/2014 Class Schedule: SECOND WEEKEND OF EACH MONTH

Sat/Sun February 8/9th Reg Deadline Jan 25th
Mon/Tues February 10/11th Reg Deadline
Feb 3rd

Sat/Sun March 8/9th Reg Deadline Feb 22nd
Mon/Tues March 10/11 Reg Deadline Feb 24th

Group Chosen Date: Get together a group of 4-5 people and we'll schedule a date that works for you guys! (Must schedule no less than 2 weeks ahead of time)

Skins: We offer our Voile Splitboard Skins as a special for our students for only $140.  You're going to need these for splitboarding, so purchase them now, save some cash, and we'll help you cut them at the end of the clinic!

If you have any further questions, please shoot us an email at Info@Chair2boardsports.com!

Does not include the cost of snowboard.  Split kit is an additional fee.  Cutting a board does create a small loss in stiffness in the board.  Chair 2 Board Sports, LLC is not responsible for any damage or change in performance to the board due to cutting, drilling, sanding, epoxying, varnishing, etc.  If any pieces of the split kit fall out of the deck, we will replace that piece at no charge.  We are not liable for any accidents that occur while touring or riding even if this is due to splitboard building errors.

The backcountry is no laughing matter.  It is dangerous and may cause serious injury or death.  Chair 2 assumes no responsibility for the safety of the purchaser, rider, or partners on the mountain.  You assume the safety of yourself and others with you.  Be smart.  Learn backcountry safety before heading out.  More info on backcountry safety can be found here.

Price: $50.00