Split to Solid Binding Pucks

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 Split to Solid Binding Pucks
 Split to Solid Binding Pucks
 Split to Solid Binding Pucks

Split to Solid Binding Pucks

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have one set of bindings for all your boards? To not have to decide between your favorite bindings on your solid or your favorite split specific setup? What it would be like to only have to travel with one set of bindings while still packing your solid or your splitboard?

We have the solution for you! These pucks enable you to run your splitboard bindings on ANY board! These binding pucks mount to the standard bolt pattern found on any standard snowboard. Simply drill the plates to suit your stance and preferred angles and you will never have to mess with bolting up different bindings to different boards.

  • Hand crafted and machined in the PNW
  • Will fit any board or any bolt pattern
  • Works with any Voile interface binding (Spark R&D, Voile LightRail etc)
  • Lightweight heavy duty plastic for a tight, no slop fit!
  • Available in white or black
  • Only available through Chair 2


Price: $45.00