How to Hire a Web Developer

Hiring a web developer is crucial especially that he’s the person who’s going to create your company’s online face. To make your online platform successful, you have to hire the person who has the necessary skills. When you fail at this, you risk your business and you waste time and effort. DC web design firms do the following guide when hiring a web developer.  

Web Developer 

Hire for Personality, Then Experience 

Experience is important but at the end of the day, attitude and behavior towards work is all that matters. You have to consider the culture of your company when you hire someone who’s going to be part of it. Does your company needs someone who is determined, driven, curious and persistent? Or do you prefer relaxed and low-key about deadlines? The web developer should fit in in those characteristics in order to work well with you.  

Before you hire a web developer, list all the characteristics that your company requires. If you want team players with relentless drive, then the interview should at least match 80% of your requirements. People can fake their personality during interview, that’s why the interview should have at least 2to 3 phases so you can evaluate the applicant further.  

Look for Aptitude 

Learn a web developer who has the ability to learn new techniques as the technology improves over the years. Don’t hire according to a particular skill set, it’s better to hire someone who can adapt to changes rather than someone who’s good at a specific technology but couldn’t adapt to new one. Ask the candidate about the new programming language they recently learned, favorite technology conferences and go-to places if they want to learn new technology tricks and tips.  

Give Small Project First 

After you identified your candidate, give him a small project first to observe how he performs the job and if he really is the skilled person he showed during the interview. This project will test the candidate’s efficiency in finishing projects. Evaluate if he went beyond expectation, if he gave a creative solution of if we works well with the team.  

Hire Slow, Fire Fast 

Do not hire a person right away; take your time when you hire someone especially with a position as crucial as the web developer. If you started working with him/her already and it doesn’t work out, let him/her go immediately before a project is ruined.  

Do not make hiring mistake. If you think the person is not doing his responsibilities and miss a lot of deadlines, don’t keep him/her for too long. Missing deadlines and inefficiency at work can have a big impact on the company.  

Don’t Ask Trivia Questions 

When you’re interviewing the web developer, don’t ask trivia questions. The information is useful but you can’t determine if someone is suitable for the position or not. People can memorize things but its application is all that matter. Focus on open-ended questions and listen to their answers.  


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