How to Treat Mold inside the Walls

Water damage can cause a lot of problems both in the structure, beauty of the house as well as the health of our family and this include the irritating and nerve-wracking molds on the walls. Molds can create many issues as it weakens the house and at the same time imposes respiratory allergy to you and your family. While hiring a professional service like water damage restoration Grand Junction to remove and restore our house the way it was used to be, there are tips that you can do to remove them yourself.

How to identify molds?

Molds can be everywhere as it is a type of fungus that grows in tiny spores anywhere that provides them a good environment – typically a damp place. You can spot them easily especially the most visible one which is called a mildew. It begins with black spots that grow into larger colonies and can be hard to distinguish from dirt. To test if it is dirt or mildew, put s small amount od bleach onto the blackened area; if it lightens after two minutes, what you had was mildew, and if it stays black it probably is dirt.

When you have an infestation and they are in high concentration, you will smell it in a typical musty odor. And so it is important to check damp areas like floors, sheathing, walls, etc.

How to remove mold

The very effective mold remedy is to remove them even before they get big and results in the mold infestation.

To remove them, you can scrub them with bleach or a typical molds cleaner solution. It is important to clean the whole area that is infested and make sure that you remove them completely as they can start reproducing and multiplying again if you leave a spot.

Also, when removing the molds, and using some bleach, it is important to practice safety measures first. Wear old clothes and shoes that you can throw away after the cleaning. Also, if possible, wear a special N-95 or P-100 respirators, as well as gloves and goggles to protect yourself form the chemical you will be using

After the cleaning up, complete the procedure by vacuuming the paces and the debris.

If you are not ready for the preparations, it is better to call a professional and hir them to clean the mess for you. Hiring a professional is cost-effective because you will save time, you will have better results and you may not have the proper equipment for doing the tasks.

Molds are irritating and they cause serious house and health problems. It is important to avoid them by preventing their build up in the first place. How can you di it? It is by simply checking and maintaining your house of potential water leakage and water damp as damp and water will really trigger their growth Inside your house.

Remove them if you notice a tiny spot of molds as it can grow larger and make a colony. They are very destructive and capable of weakening your house structure and cause health problems.

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