How to Make Voile Pucks fit Sparks

So you just purchased a badass pair of Spark binders!  SWEET!
One problem... they don't really seem to be fitting on your Voile Pucks...  How do you make them fit?!

After a couple hours of frustration, I figured out the issue.  Some of the Voile pucks are coming out a little caddywhompus.  They are actually slightly taller on the "USA" end than they are on the "Voile" End.

Here's your fix!  It's surprisingly easy.


1.  Slide your puck on the Voile Slider plate, slides on just fine!

2.  Try to slide your puck onto your Spark "Voile" end first.  After about 3/4" down, it wont go any further!  Flip it around sliding the "USA" side in first and you'll see it wont go in at all!

"Voile" Side first   --------------------    "USA" Side first


3.  Take a panzer file, and file the TOP of the Voile puck on the "USA" end.  Not the sides, the sides are just fine.  You'll waste hours shaving down those sides trying to make it work.  Trust me, it wont work.  Only a couple passes are needed.  You can see in the image below, you only have to shave a tiny, TINY amount off.

4.  Slides right on!

5.  Shred.


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